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Susie Sparks

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Susie Sparks Susie Sparks

Susie Sparks Debuts in Juggs Magazine

Susie Sparks first appeared in Juggs Magazine in 1988. The big boob magazine immediately granted her the title of "The Lady with the World's Biggest Tits" and made her the spokesmodel for the magazine for the next two years. With aureolae that measure six inches across and cleavage that drops long past her elbows, Susie Sparks certainly has one of the largest pair of all-natural breasts to appear on Buxomania.com.

Susis Sparks Appears in a Number of Busty Videos

For Buxaomania fans everywhere, Susie Sparks quickly made the transition from big breast magazines to R-rated big boob videos. Her first appearance was in "Introducing Susie Sparks" where she weighed, measured, and jiggled her enormous breasts in front of the camera. In the most recent video, "10 Years of Big Busts #3", Susie Sparks appears in a compilation with other busty legends, including Devon Daniels and Jeannine Oldfield. Susie Sparks appeared in a number of other big boob videos, all of which are a must-see.

Susie Sparks Retires as a Busty Legend

By 1994, Susie Sparks had appeared in dozens of videos and magaines, when she decided it was time to retire. Rumors have surfaced from time to time, that Susie was planning to return. But, so far, all those rumors have proven false. If Susie Sparks ever does decide to show her sexy, all-natural, buxom chest again, she would certainly have many loyal Buxomania fans that would be happy to see her again.

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