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Devon Daniels

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Devon Daniels Devon Daniels Devon Daniels

Devon Daniels, an Instant Big Breast Legend

Born in August 1967, Devon Daniels was raised in sunny south Florida. At the age of 21, her boyfriend submitted some photos to Gent magazine. Fortunately, for Buxomania fans, her busty, voluptuous figure caught the attention of the editors, and her first photo shoot was arranged in no time. Devon Daniels was flown to the Bahamas, along with Lisa Phillips, where the two new busty beauties were photographed in the sun and sand. When the photos were published, Devon Daniels was an over-night sensation. Readers and fans could not get enough. Devon Daniels and her gorgeous breasts became instantly legendary.

The Short But Ever-Lasting Career of Busty Devon Daniels

Devon Daniels' modeling career lasted only a few months. During those few months, a small handful of photo series were taken which were published in Voluptuous, Score, and Gent magazines. After those few short months, Devon Daniels decided to retire. However, more than ten years after she retired, readers of Voluptuous magazine voted Devon as the "1999 Voluptuous Model of the Year". Very few models have gained the huge popularity as Devon Daniels, in such a short career. However, one look at her five foot tall, ultra busty, super curvy, all-natural figure, along with her sexy long dark hair and dark eyes, it's no surprise that Devon Daniels has garnered such ever-lasting appeal among natural large breast Buxomania lovers around the world.

More of Devon Daniels

Fortunately for Buxomania fanatics, not only did Devon Daniels partake in a handful of photo shoots, but she also strutted her stuff in the front of a recording video camera. A small number of big bust videos include some very rare film of this voluptuous beauty. These videos include "Big Busty 29", "Big Busty 31", and "10 Years of Big Busts #3", all of which are compilation videos which include other beautiful buxom women. The latter, "10 Years of Big Busts #3" also includes Jeannine Oldfield, Susie Sparks, and a host of others.

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