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Anekee Van Der Velden

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For more of Anekee Van Der Velden, Buxomania suggests: anekee.com

Anekee Van Der Velden Anekee Van Der Velden Anekee Van Der Velden

Anekee -- a Beautiful Busty Blonde

With her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and bulging breasts, Anekee certainly gets the blood pumping of Buxomania lovers everywhere. Her hair is absolutely sexy, hanging all the way down her back, to the crack of her ass. Or, as seen in some photos, her hair is draped over her large breasts to reveal just a peak of her cleavage. But Anekee's beauty doesn't stop there -- her crystal blue eyes, pout red lips, and enticing smile are all wrapped up into one sexy package.

Anekee Van Der Velden -- Italian Woman, Global Attraction

Living in Milan, Italy, Anekee has enchanted the world by revealing her curvy, 100% all-natural, buxom body. Whether fully-clothed, in a bikini, topless or nude, Anekee Van Der Velden is attractive any way you look at her. And, for the big breast Buxomania fan, her huge boobs are perfect -- full, soft, with round nipples and plenty of cleavage. Stuffed into a bra, her large breasts are busting at the seams.

The Website of Anekee Van Der Velden

Marked by a red "A" in a circle, Anekee's website is professional, artistic, and of course erotic. Available in both Italian and English, her website provides plenty of images of Anekee's curvy body and all-natural breasts. The site also includes a discussion forum where Anekee writes her own thoughts to admiring fans. What are you waiting for? Check out the buxom photos here at Buxomania.com, then check out more of this sexy busty blonde at anekee.com.

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