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Alexis Love

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Alexis Love Alexis Love Alexis Love Alexis Love

From Joyce Mandel to Joyce Gibson to Alexis Love

A Buxomania classic, Alexis Love was born in March 1950 in Los Angeles with the real name of Joyce Mandel. Her natural curvy shape landed her actress roles in numerous bra-busting B-movies. Often appearing under the name of Joyce Gibson, she stared in busty flicks such as "Street of a Thousand Pleasures" in 1970 to "The Boob Tube Strikes Again!" in 1977. In 1979 she appeared in an episode of Mork & Mindy under the name Peggy Black.

Alexis Love -- a Busty Woman Gets Sexier With Age

Throughout her 40's, Alexis Love's breasts continued to grow and fill out, while at the same time she maintained a slim figure. This led some of her fans to assume she had gotten breast implants. In response, Alexis Love had her breasts certified as 100% natural by the UCLA Medical Center. Her continued sex-appeal led to an extended modeling career. For Buxomania lovers, Alexis Love can be seen in the 1995 film "Love Story" as well as more recent films such as "Return of the Ultra Vixens" and "Score Classics".

Alexis Love, a Busty Classic

After 30 years of fulfilling the fantasies of many men, Alexis Love eventually retired. Alexis Love had one of the longest big-bust careers and has become a true classic among natural breast aficionados. Fortunately, big breast Buxomania fans can still find many of Alexis Love's high-quality, highly-erotic photo shoots at Scoreland.com. Not to mention, most of her films are still available on many websites.

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